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This website shows reports from the archives that give a detailed picture of the experiences of the refugees and their helpers during the escape of October 1943.

This website was created for the 70th anniversary of the Danish Jews’ escape across the Sound. The aim of the site is to enable users to study the details of the escape, such as the life-saving warnings that enabled Jews to escape in time. The site focuses on personal stories, and especially on the helpers’ roles. The site was produced by Copenhagen City Archives in collaboration with the Danish Jewish Museum and the Danish Broadcasting Corporation’s Cultural Heritage Project.


This website is mainly based on stories and recollections stored in the Copenhagen City Archives and other archives. It also presents excerpts from printed memoirs Most of the photos are from the Museum of Danish Resistance 1940-1945, but there are also photos from other collections.

We have tried to pinpoint the precise addresses and locations associated with the escape in Copenhagen Municipality and its surroundings – as far as possible down to the specific house numbers. However, we welcome comments and corrections. Contact: Project Manager Peter Schøning Denne e-mail adresse bliver beskyttet mod spambots. Du skal have JavaScript aktiveret for at vise den. .

Personal information

This website strives for transparency in describing the helpers and refugees involved, but we comply with the requirement of anonymisation of names pertaining to the various archives from which the documents stem.

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