About the Escape

Get an overview of the background to the escape and the hectic days from the end of September 1943 to mid-October. Read about the key people, motivations and events.

The 1943 Escape – In Brief

We’re alive but all we own is gone

The code is apple crates

Royal support to Jews' Escape across the Sound


paa vejOn the way to a safe harbour in Sweden. Photo taken by Mogens Margolinsky on 2 October 1943. Photo: Museum of Danish Resistance 1940-1945/National Museum of Denmark.


Title: None (filmstrip from the Horserød camp)

Captive Jews in the Horserød camp in 1943, filmed by the Danish Nazi Poul Henning, who wanted to use the footage in a propaganda film. He therefore filmed Jews who had a ‘foreign appearance’ to show that they were different from Danes, or ‘un-Danish’.

Cine film in the Danish State Archives

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