The Escape in October 1943

European Jews are persecuted during the Second World War, but the vast majority of Danish Jews manage to escape to Sweden in October of 1943. They are warned of the raid on 1-2 October, and the German military police therefore arrive at empty houses and flats.

But who are the Jews who flee and who warns and helps them? And what are their experiences of the escape? Explore the many personal recollections drawn from archives and museums and let the main characters tell their own stories.


Find stories of the escape on the map

On the map you can explore the dramatic October days in 1943 when 2,000 Copenhagen families went on the run. Stories and reports are marked out on the map.

You can also find hiding places and pick-up points, and see where the boats set off from. Use the keywords to delve into details. There are also audio and video clips.

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About the Escape

Get an overview of the background to the escape and the hectic days from the end of September 1943 to mid-October. Read about the key people, motivations and events.

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Only one photo is thought to exist from the raid against the Danish Jews. There are very few authentic photos from the mass escape itself.

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aeble brev lille

Apple crates

The escape helpers must be careful, so they use false names and code words.

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